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대한민국 최초 RN 오픈마켓 취급

Korea First EK INFRA

In order to meet the high demand of many optical communication companies in Korea, EK Infra has entered Naver(Korean Google) Store for various special specifications and fast delivery. It is growing rapidly at the same time as Naver's entry, and its RN(Remote Node) is the first optical communication solution company in Korea to handle it in the open market.

What we do

EK Infra 's products are like...'

EK Infra is an optical communication solution company that deals with and sells RN(Remote Node), optical splitter, optical distribution boxes, and other materials essential to the optical communication industry.

Remote Node

This refers to the RN of the passive optical network (PON). It is equipped with a photoplitter in the light distribution box, optical connection box, etc. It is called Network RN, Optical Cable RN, OFD RN, and RN Splitter. Although there may be a risk of damage when installing it on site, it is possible to ship RN finished product from EK Infra for convenient construction. This is the first EK Infra in Korea's online sales history.

Optical PLC Splitter

Also known as optical cable dispenser, it is a manual device that combines or distributes light sources, used in its RN light distributor, and enables economical use of optical cables with 1xN branch structure. All optical splitters in the EK Infras are tested on their own prior to shipment to ensure that they are intact.

Optical Fiber Distribution Frame

It is a trap for distributing optical cables to each terminal unit and is used for its RN light distributor. It is also called OFD, FDF, ODF, OFDF etc. For your convenience, the Frame itself, equipped with a optical fiber adapter, Furthermore, a system has been established for purchasing in the form of an RN light distributor equipped with a photoplitter.


You can even purchase additional materials from the optical communication industry, such as optical fiber adaptor, optical pigtail, optical splice tray, and protection tube. If you purchase it with RN(Remote Node), PLC splitter, and ODFs, you can get it right away with quick delivery.

Made in Korea
ISP specification product
Quick Delivery
Self-test before release