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Maker's law

Makerslo Introduction

Makerslo provides reliable wired and wireless communications products.

What we do

Makerslo Introduction

유선 통신 장비 제조

Low Density / High Density Distribution Frame

We supply products to secure the upper floor of IDC Center and Telecommunications Bureau.

Measuring instrument

Provide a variety of equipment optimized for low-density / high-density distribution box communication work sites.

FTTX Optimized Material

Provides a variety of optimized materials for optical communication sites.

Support product development and commercialization

Idea product development

Supports R&D until ideas are commercialized.

Product Development / Mass Production

Helps mass-produce developed products under optimal conditions.

Optimizing manufacturing unit price

Through cost analysis of commercialized products, we propose to mass-produce products at optimal prices and support product improvement.

일체형 광분배함

Plastic Mini Distribution Box

Please refer to the attached file for the product information.