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EK INF, EK Informatics and Fiber optics

EK Affiliates


EK Informatics - EK INFOS

B2B Specialized in metal press prototyping, mold design, mass production


EK Infrastructure - EK INFRA

B2C Specialized in Online Wholesale and Retail, Last mile Shipping


Maker's law - MAKERSLO

Specialized in plastic injection prototypes, mold design, mass production

What we do

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EK INF, Korea’s No.1 Informatics & Fiber optics company

Rapid Growth

EK INF is a fast-growing market leader in the field of Fiber optics design, development and manufacturing.

Fiber Optics All-rounder

Based on accumulated experience and technical skills, EK INF has been producing excellent products in all areas of the Fiber optics industry such as OFDF, OJC, OPG and OFA etc.

The Leader of ICT

EK INF will become a leading ICT company through constant innovation that does its best to meet customer expectations through new challenges.

Top-tier Manufacturer

EK INF manufactures the highest quality optical fiber communication-related products suitable for the global market. We also carry out contract work in the field related to optical fiber communication.

대한민국 최초 RN 오픈마켓 취급

Korea First EK INF

In order to meet the high demand of many optical communication companies in Korea, EK INF has entered Naver Store for various special specifications and fast delivery. It is growing rapidly at the same time as Naver(Korean Google)'s entry, and its RN photovoltaic distributor is the first optical communication solution company in Korea to handle it in the open market.

About us

What is Optical Communication ?

For those unfamiliar with the optical communication industry, this is an interview video by KT's optical cable Meister, a key member of the optical communication industry.